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Saturday, November 24, 2012

1:00 – 5:00 pm

” Reduce Stress and Reprogram for Success”

E.F.T. Workshop

EFT Basics: 4 hours that can change your life

Did you know that old and new unresolved issues, stories and traumas actually get stored in our organs and meridian pathways? The good news is that they can be loosened and released by using EFT.

Over the past 7 years, I have been teaching EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and have witnessed many amazing results from my clients. I’d like to share some of these with you:

  • clients completed their EFT sessions … and then were contacted out of the blue by estranged loved ones. They reconnected after years of distancing from stubborn pride
  • chronic pain disappeared. Recent workshop attendee Helen says, “About a year ago, Dana was recommended to me about some problems I was having.  So I procrastinated and recently went to a workshop she was holding.  I volunteered for a demo as I was having pain in my thumb which radiated up my arm and into the shoulder which is a result of using a cane to walk with.  After the tapping session the pain was gone; I was able to move my thumb in all directions; there was no pain up my arm and had a general feeling of well being. I was amazed to have such a great result in such a short time.
  • those experiencing high stress and anxiety about upcoming holidays were able to relax, enjoy the season and appreciate their loved ones
  • clients who were stuck and feeling flat resolved their fear of failure and fear of success issues. No more dreading the future and living in the past!
  • struggling businesses now thrive after their owners (and sometimes staff) applied EFT
  • stress-driven comfort eating cleared easily — the treats are no longer in control!
  • financial losses were reversed with EFT; money problems are now a thing of the past
  • major health challenges were resolved through consistent use of EFT
  • eating disorders were “tapped away”; weight issues resolved and confidence and freedom returned
  • fear, anxiety and apathy lifted as EFT clients became nourished and empowered to speak their truth where previously they had felt unable to do so
  • couples on the verge of divorce reconnected and are now communicating harmoniously with clear boundaries … love can reignite with EFT!
  • animals shifted physical and emotional issues after their owners did their inner work.

At my next class on Saturday November 24th at Yoga by the Sea in Roberts Creek I will be teaching the basics of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)*

In just 4 hours you can learn EFT and how to apply it in order to take charge of your own energy system and literally change your life.

Of course, the results of EFT are different for everyone and there are many factors that can influence results. Everyone considering using these tools must also understand that this is not a replacement for your family doctor or specialist. Having said this, it can often speed recovery from stubborn chronic issues and symptoms.

I hope you will join me for this life-changing experience (preregistration required).

I look forward to seeing you.


Date: Saturday, November 24, 2012   1:00 – 5:00 pm

Price: $75

Pre-Registration required

Workshop Location: Yoga By The Sea – Robert Creek, BC

To register, contact Dana by phone 604-885-9793 or email


*A technical note: Dr Dawson Church, author of Genie in Your Genes, and his Soul Medicine Institute (SMI) have spearheaded much of the current research regarding EFT. SMI investigates the epigenetic effect of intention, consciousness and energy in healing. Epigenetics is the new science describing influences that alter the expression of genes (epi=above; epigenetic=control of DNA from above or outside the gene). Their research shows that consciousness (beliefs, emotions, optimism, altruism, visualization, prayer, energy, meditation) has epigenetic effects. MRI brain studies have shown that EFT as well as other energy therapies dramatically shifted dysfunctional brain scans to completely normal frequencies within 12 sessions


Future Workshops:

* Your Money
* Clear Your Fears and Release Your Worries
* Emotional Weight Loss
* Relationships

If you are interested in one of the workshops above and would like early notification to secure your spot. Please email me at

Hello Dana. I’ve been meaning to send you a thank-you note, for introducing EFT to me. Our sessions together gave me a powerful catalyst for great changes in my life and I’m thrilled with the results! I have returned my body to its natural weight and size that I was when I was in my late teens. My partner and I now live in our dream home, and my art career and creative expression have really blossomed. I feel eager and excited about how my life continues to unfold. Thank you again for sharing this wonderful technique and your great sense of humour and compassion. ~ Una Bachinski”

  • I heard Dana Williams deliver a presentation about EFT and was enraptured with the simplicity of the style and the magnitude of the method … the stories of my former “issues” are now flat, like an old book I read a long time ago. The poison is gone the edges are no longer sharp, and the pain is a fading memory. ~ Gary